The NEW YORK KIDS Web site is a production of WNYC Radio in New York, Laura Walker, President.

The NEW YORK KIDS radio program is broadcast Sunday evenings from 6 to 8 PM on WNYC AM 820. NEW YORK KIDS was created by Lou Giansante. Elizabeth Moglia is the producer.

Money to make the NEW YORK KIDS radio program comes from these Friends of NEW YORK KIDS: Andrew and Amy Cohen Arkin, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the GE Fund, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, the Roy and Shirley Durst Charitable Trust, and the Kenworthy-Swift Foundation.

For WNYC, the principle Web site producers are Elizabeth Moglia and Chris Catanese.

Michael Edens is the site Webmaster.

Joe Russo provides technical assistance.

These people contributed time, inspiration, ideas, or research:
Neme Alperstein of PS 56 (Richmond Hill), Derek Wang, Andrea Bronfman, Daniel Giansante, Olivia Kissin, Linda Morgan, Zephyr Prusinski.

Megan Montague Cash provides illustrations for the site.

S2N Media provides site design. Thanks to Kathy and John Prusinski, Michael Conlon and Jennah Amdurer. John Prusinski provides the 3D illustrations of the Game Guy's Mansion.

Objective Consulting Inc. provides programming and hosting services. Thanks to Gene Homicki and Nancy Deschenes.

And special thanks to the cool kids of New York who inspire us every day!

Here are awards that we got and are so proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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