This is kind of boring stuff but WNYC's lawyer says we have to say it.
To make it a little easier to understand, we put it in the form of questions you may have about the NEW YORK KIDS Web site:

1. Can I print and use anything on this site?
All the pictures that you see and all the words that you read on are owned by NEW YORK KIDS and WNYC. You have our permission to print out pictures or words for your own use, and your teacher can print out things to use in school. But that's it. It's against the law to to sell the words or pictures you copy to someone else without permission from WNYC. By the way, we can only give you permission for the NEW YORK KIDS Web site. If you go to any of the Hot Links sites, you have to get their permission to copy words or pictures.

2. What happens to stuff I send NEW YORK KIDS on the Internet?
We love to hear from kids! That's why we're here! But please understand that anything you email, post, or submit to NEW YORK KIDS will become property of NEW YORK KIDS and WNYC, and we can't return anything to you. If we do post something you send us, remember that we'll only post your first name, town, and school. We will never post your last name or email address or anything else. This keeps it safe and private for you. Your mom and dad might like to know that too.

3. Do you post everything that kids send to you?
Impossible! It would take up a zillion pages! However, we do read everything! So don't send us anything that's inappropriate (like curse words or nasty things about other people) because we have the right to remove it. And we can't be held responsible for anything that's sent to us. This means that if you send us information about something, someone, or some place and it's a lie, then NEW YORK KIDS can't get sued or get in trouble for it. However, YOU can get into a lot of trouble and your parents will have to pay a lot of money for a lawyer, so be careful to tell us the truth when you send us something. We also strongly recommend that you get your parent's permission before sending us anything.

4. What happens if I go to one of your Hot Links for kids and it's not what you said it was?
We hope you enjoy the links that we put on our site. We check them out and try to make sure you'll be surfing to another great site. However, web sites change very quickly, and we cannot guarantee that they will always stay as great as we first found them.

5. Can I link my website or my school's website to the NEW YORK KIDS site?
We'd love it! The more kids who can find us the better! You can link to our site at which is our home page. Click here to find out how.


Unless specified, all words and pictures at are owned by WNYC. Pictures, articles, logos, and all text cannot be reproduced, reprinted, or published in any media, electronic or otherwise without consent. All submissions to NEW YORK KIDS become property of WNYC and cannot be returned. We do not guarantee anything that we post or warranty the facts of any text on the website. We do not guarantee the quality of linked sites.

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