The Dirtmeister

Meet "Mr. Meister"

The "Dirtmeister®'s" real name is Steve Tomecek, a working scientist who specializes in geomorphology, which as you may have guessed, involves the study of "dirt." Steve is the Executive Director and founder of Science Plus, Inc., a company that provides science enrichment and staff development programs to schools, libraries, and other organizations throughout the United States.

In addition to his work with Science Plus, Inc., he has written numerous articles for such magazines as "Scholastic's Super Science," "Creative Classroom," "Science Scope" and "Science and Children." In the past he served as a consultant to the Children's Television Workshop and Los Alamos National Lab. For the past five years, he has been a curriculum writer for the Newton's Apple television show.

When he's not on the air with NEW YORK KIDS or spreading science mirth and merriment in his live performances, Steve can be seen starring in his own Emmy Award-winning PBS television series entitled "Dr. Dad's Phantastic Physical Phenomena". His first book, Bouncing & Bending Light received the American Institute of Physics' 1996 Excellence in Science Writing Award, and his second book, Simple Attractions has many outstanding reviews. His latest book, Wing It, unlocks the mysteries of flight and air pressure and even comes with a boomerang attached!

For more information about "The Dirtmeister®", his books, or how he can come to visit your group, you can call (800) 296 2022 or write to him at:

The Dirtmeister
c/o Science Plus, Inc.
PO Box 260066
Bellerose, NY 11426

The Dirtmeister is a registered service mark of Stephen M. Tomecek

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