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Lela from Brooklyn says, I would like to discuss the issue of seatbelts on school buses. Not all buses have them and I still have to take the bus. I feel unsafe.

Niomi from Elgin says, I would like to say that I wish cruelty to animals would stop because it is unfair!

Fay from P.S. 187 says, I think parents should pay more attention to what websites kids go to and see if they're appropriate for kids. I think the same thing with TV.

Jessica from Homeschool says, Kids should be safe on the net because if little children got in chat rooms they could get in trouble with people. And the people in it. So remember boys and girls not to give your address on the net or email, you could just stay safe from bad things in life.

Avrohom from Brooklyn says, I don't like that people smoke. It is very bad for your lungs and people die from it. I think it should be the law that you're not allowed to smoke and that's why it is fit to talk about it.

Lizzette from Manhattan says, Can we talk about metal detectors in school? I want those machines to tell if a kid has a gun. Cause then they wouldn't take guns to school.


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