Terry's Math Challenge

Hi! Don't tell the kids, but Terry the Taxi Driver is really me, Mark Milstein. I'm a 4th grade math teacher at a school in Westchester, New York. One of the things I like to do is to offer students projects and problems that will appeal to a variety of interests. This one motivates kids to do a little math over the summer. Use this challenge, if you like, and let me know how it works for your kids!

My new Terry's Taxi Makes Math Fun CD features comic math adventures teachers and parents can use in class or at home. It's available through the Bank Street College of Education Bookstore in New York City or on line at Amazon.com.

You can reach me with questions and comments at terryandfriends@aol.com.




Plan a summer trip for your family to a great place near you. Call to find out the price of admission. Figure out how much it will cost for your whole family to get in. Don't forget to figure out a fair spending limit for food and souvenirs. Add that amount to the total cost of the trip.

Figure out what time you should leave, how long you can stay, and what time you should start heading home.

Write it all down. Explain all your calculations to show that the trip makes financial sense. If you make the trip sound really good and your numbers make sense, you should be able to persuade your family to go!

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