NEW YORK KIDS is hot radio for cool kids! The weekly, two-hour LIVE show for 8 to 12 year olds is commercial-free radio for kids, and most importantly, by kids.

Adult hosts David Gonzalez and Florence Barrau are joined each week by kid co-hosts from the CLASS OF THE WEEK, which spotlights a school within the five boroughs. The CLASS OF THE WEEK contributes Kid Commentaries, Critic's Corner Reviews, New York Factoids, and the Challenge Question of the Week.

Kids don't just listen to NEW YORK KIDS, they are the show! The interactive program encourages the audience to call in during the broadcast on the toll-free number: 1-800-KID-2-KID (1-800-543-2-543). "Every Sunday, thousands of kids listen, learn, laugh, and talk back to the radio," says award-winning producer Lou Giansante. "AT & T measures our calls at around 2,500 per show!" Plus there's a 24-hour Hotline that kids can call to request songs, tell jokes, and continue the learning and game-playing. The Hotline is 212 669-FUN1 (3861).

Kids call during the show to speak to one of our regulars. MIGHTY LIZ, Book Woman and Prize Protector, arrives with books for kids to win. THE DIRTMEISTER does weird science experiments live in the studio (with help from listeners). "Noo Yawk" cabbie TERRY THE TAXI DRIVER calls from his cell phone looking for kids to help solve wacky math problems. THE GAME GUY challenges kids with brain teasers, word games, and fantasy adventures. Kids also share their opinions and feelings during TALKTIME, discussing issues in the news as well as the everyday dilemmas of growing up in culturally diverse New York.

NEW YORK KIDS also features special guests -- kids like the actors in the Broadway musical The Sound of Music, Melissa Joan Hart from Nickelodeon's Clarissa, Children's Express reporters, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus -- and adults like authors Ann M. Martin, Joanna Cole, Bruce Coville, and Walter Dean Myers, Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes, storytellers Jackie Torrence, Laura Simms and Lou Del Bianco, musical performers Tom Chapin, Denyce Graves, and the Klezmatics, and actors Lynne Thigpen from Where in Time is Carmen San Diego? and Debby Boone from Grease.

Teachers can participate with their classes in special contests. The Dirtmeister's "One-Minute Science Radio Movie Contest," had kids writing scripts that combined science, literacy and sound effects. Winning scripts were produced with actors and sound effects and broadcast on the show.

Both kids and teachers can explore the NEW YORK KIDS web site at


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