Hey Kids! HONK! HONK!
I'm Wacky the Logic Clown and I like to laugh! Don't you? Florence and David don't tell enough jokes and riddles on the radio show!
Ha! We'll show them!
Sara from Canton says:
Q: "What goes up but doesn't come down?"
A: "Your age!!!!!!"

Aiden from Evanston says:
Q: "What's worse than a worm in an apple?"
A: "Half a worm in an apple!!!!!!"

Coby from Brooklyn says:
Q: "What did one pickle say to the next when they got married?"
A: "Dilly beloved!!!!!!"

Gerson from Olympic says:
Q: "What do you get when you cross a bird, a car, and a pet?"
A: "A flying car pet!!!!!!"

Kali from Torrance says:
Q: "Why are fish so smart?"
A: "Because they travel in schools!!!!!!"

Dian, Sara, and Rosa from Canton says:
Q: "Why did the boy throw the clock out the window?"
A: "To see time fly!!!!!!"

Mandy from Hamilton says:
Q: "What did the detective say when he packed his suitcase?"
A: "Case closed!!!!!!"

Chelsea from Little Neck says:
Q: "What do you get when you cross a giant and a skunk?"
A: "A BIG stink!!!!!!"

Arzina from Muslim School says:
Q: "What did the mummy say when it was crying?"
A: "I want my mummy!!!!!!"

Zach from Brookside says:
Q: "What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?"
A: "A dino-snore!!!!!!"

Ishil from Ottowa says:
Q: "Why does Ruldolph have a red nose?"
A: "He held his breath too long!!!!!!"

Kate from White Rock says:
Q: "Why is an apple red?"
A: "It held it's breath too long!!!!!!"

Taisha from NYC says:
Q: "Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team?"
A: "Because she ran away from the ball!!!!!!"

Louis from Wigen says:
Q: "Why did the chewing gum cross the road?"
A: "It was stuck to the shoe!!!!!!"

Gage from Owen Sound says:
Q: "What do you call lots of dogs in a parking lot?"
A: "A barking lot!!!!!!"

Johanna from P.S. 60 says:
Q: "Why did the girl throw a clock out the window?"
A: "To see time fly!!!!!!"

Sneha from Bangkok says:
Q: "What did the dirt say to the rain?"
A: "If you keep this up my name will be MUD!!!!!!"

Christian from P.S. 79 says:
Q: "What do you call a cow on the ground?"
A: "Ground Beef!!!!!!"

Tonya from Bronx says:
Q: "What did the polite mouse say at dinner?"
A: "Cheese and thank you!!!!!!"

Nafda from England says:
Q: "Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road?"
A: "It ran out of juice!!!!!!"

Rachel from Owen Sound says:
Q: "What did the sick banana say to the mom banana?"
A: "I don't peel good!!!!!!"

J-Dogg from M.S. 180 says:
Q: "Why did the get into the pizza business?"
A: "Because he wanted to make some dough!!!!!!"

Keli from Arlington says:
Q: "Where does a skunk sit in church?"
A: "In the pew!!!!!!"

Jenaya from Canada says:
Q: "What is black and white and red all over?"
A: "A penguin holding its breath!!!!!!"

Joan from Wiley Park says:
Q: "Why did the rooster cross the road?"
A: "To prove he's not a chicken!!!!!!"

Valerie from South Elementary says:
Q: "What is black and white and read all over?"
A: "A Newspaper!!!!!!"

Latrina from Hillman says:
Q: "What did one mathbook say to the other mathbook?"
A: "I have problems!!!!!!"

Jen from Seagrey says:
Q: "What do polite monsters say at dinner?"
A: "Pleased to eat you!!!!!!"

Katie from Brookhaven says:
Q: "What did the fries say to the chicken?"
A: "Ketch up!!!!!!"

Isabel from Hoboken says:
Q: "Why did Andy cross the playground?"
A: "To get to the other slide!!!!!!"

Jen from Brooklyn says:
Q: "What is black white and red all over?"
A: "A penguin holding its breath!!!!!!"

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